1 Gbps Open Fiber Arrives in Other Cities of Italy

Open Fiber, the company co – shared by Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, has announced the launch of the marketing of 1 Gbps fiber optic connectivity services in many Italian cities, scattered throughout the peninsula, and not necessarily provincial capitals .
The infrastructure offered by Open Fiber is entirely fiber optic and makes use of the new ZION backbone completed just a few weeks ago ( Open Fiber presents its Internet ZION backbone: 200 Gbps per channel and beyond ) and recently the subject of some improvements: Open Fiber , reached 400 Gbps on the backbone ZION: first connection of the kind in Italy .

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator : this means that it does not sell fiber optic services directly to the end customer but is active exclusively in the wholesale market, offering access to all interested market operators. Users wishing to activate a FTTH fiber connection up to 1 Gbps in an area already reached by the new Open Fiber network need only contact an operator who sells the connectivity services and choose the tariff plan to navigate at high speed.

Open Fiber Arrives in Italy

Open Fiber has updated the list of Italian cities where the commercialization of its FTG 1 Gbps fiber optic connectivity services has been launched. Being a wholesale-only operator , Open Fiber connectivity is sold by other telecommunications operators, both the best known nationally and by access providers active in specific geographical areas. We have verified that to date the cities reached by Open Fiber are 66 (excluding areas that insist on white areas).

We suggest you access the Open Fiber home page and select your city from the Common List menu to find out about telecommunications operators that offer network-based connectivity services entirely in fiber optics .

A total of 271 more or less populous Italian locations will be reached (recently Open Fiber has revealed that it has opened 150 sites: Open Fiber Cover: 150 sites open throughout Italy ).

Open Fiber investments for the realization and deployment of the network offering 1 Gbps FTTH connections to end users are managed by the same company and have nothing to do with the “orchestrated” project by MISE and Infratel Italia to bring the ultra-broadband in areas of market failure: Ultra- broadband in the white areas: these are the routes under construction .

Using direct investments, Open Fiber will reach, with its FTTH fiber, around 19 million Italian real estate units divided into two blocks (271 large and medium-sized cities).Another 9 million real estate units that will also be reached by ultra-broadband connectivity are those located in the so-called “white areas” (cluster C and D) or “market failure” , ie no operator previously had previously invested ( limiting itself in the best cases to supply the ADSL service, often with inadequate downstream and upstream performances).
Open Fiber is in fact the winning company in the first two races organized by MISE: the first two calls refer to the creation of an ultra-broadband network in the white areas of 16 regions plus the Province of Trento.
The progress of Open Fiber jobs in the white areas is represented in our articleFiber optic in the white areas: Open Fiber sites opened in 700 municipalities while in the Open Fiber article , the FTTH fiber marketing tests launched in the white areas, we talked about the announcement of the company that started the tests for the sale of services in some previously “digital divided” municipalities.

The CEO of Open Fiber Elisabetta Ripa, while not commenting on the recent hypothesis of merging the network with that of Telecom, said that his company expects to close 2018 with 4.8 million connected real estate units: 4 million in the areas market (cluster A and B) plus 800 thousand units in the areas affected by the Infratel tenders (cluster C and D) . ” To achieve this we have awarded contracts for around € 1 billion through 48 tenders, ” added Ripa.

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