Wi-Fi Network: Efficiency and Speed Essential for Customer Loyalty

Netgear yesterday published the results of a survey conducted on the use of Wi-Fi networks by over 1,000 small businesses with up to 50 employees operating in 40 different sectors including accounting, education, construction, hospitality and tourism, legal offices, non-profit organizations and industrial production. The results of the research have shown that a good Wi-Fi network is a fundamental tool for customer loyalty (62%), because it allows a better service to customers who expect to have access to Wi-Fi.

The results of the study clearly show how companies need a more powerful and easy-to-manage Wi-Fi network to meet their business needs and their customers’ needs. When asked what companies are facing problems every day with Wi-Fi, 37% said the connection is slow , 20% unstable and 25% of respondents added that the current Wi-Fi network it does not offer a sufficiently powerful coverage able to respond to work needs.

Efficiency and Speed Essential for Customer Loyalty

The 18% also added that the performance of their network is affected by congestion due to the high quantity of devices connected at the same time. Today, companies and customers rely on the Wi-Fi network to connect, communicate and collaborate. When asked why Wi-Fi is important for their company, almost 38% of respondents said that making it available helps to “improve customer service”.

Furthermore, ensuring access to Wi-Fi “meets customer expectations” for 45% of respondents, “helps attract new customers” (12%) and “increases time spent in the premises” (13%). Offering a Wi-Fi connection means in many cases for companies to increase their visibility within local communities , for example helping to keep customers busy during waiting times in a specific place, inviting them to become followers on social media , generally acquiring added value information about them and more.

The survey participants also reported among the main reasons for using the Wi-Fi connection the management of online orders (41%) and the creation of a separate “guest” network (12%) and, among the activities in favor of customers , music streaming, the transmission of content on the big screen and the use of conference equipment (20%). Although the Wi-Fi Mesh network seems to bring a clear business advantage in most cases, the survey found that almost 85% of SMEs do not fully understand how this technology can actually improve their wireless experience.

On this side Netgear offers Orbi Pro , a Wi-Fi Mesh system specially designed for small business owners such as businesses, professional offices, restaurants, shops or bed and breakfasts that can benefit from an extended Wi-Fi, easy to configure without prepare complex wiring or request the intervention of a professional installer, or face the additional costs of an outsourced IT service.

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