Method to Reset Factory Settings of Asus Router

To find out how to reset the factory configurations using on routers from Asus, you need to read this article to the end. In fact, this is an incredibly useful thing, so the information laid out can be useful to many. In general, resetting settings on the Asus router is almost the same as on other networked PCs. This is done with the help of a button, for this purpose intended, located on the case or using the control panel, where such a function is mounted.

Why and Method to Reset Settings of Asus Router?

  1. The answer is simple – each gadget has default settings provided by the manufacturer. But, having bought it, we still want to set it up as it should and is convenient for us. The parameters for connecting to the provider are set, the Wi-Fi password is set, the network name is changed, etc.
  2. For example, almost a couple of weeks ago we set up Asus RT-N12 +. This practice has shown us that there are cases where it is necessary to clear the parameters in order for the device to return to the factory settings. An example would be a change of provider in the case when you decide to sell a gadget or during the settings something went wrong and you need to return everything to its original, i.e. factory position. That is why we remove all the existing parameters and reconfigure the device again.
  3. Even using the reminder on setting up the necessary configurations, for some models it is more practical to reset them to the factory ones. This must be done with the settings that you have previously specified, as they can be the source of any problems.
  4. Immediately I want to note that the information in this article is great for various Asus devices (RT-N10, RT-N12, RT-N14U, rt-g32, etc.). In general, the principle is one, the differences can only be in the location of the button.

We reset the settings on the router Asus

Attention! When performing the reset operation, it’s worth remembering that everything will be deleted from the gadget, so you’ll have to reinstall everything that matters to you. You can configure the router using the reminder, which may be in this category.

  • As mentioned above, to reset the settings, you need to use a special button located on the device. It can be signed as Reset or Restore. By the way, on Asus, this button can also perform the function of WPS, which is activated during a short press.
  • Thus, to reset the settings, you need to press this Reset button for 10 seconds and hold it. After you let go and restart the gadget, which will restore the factory settings. How this button looks like can be seen on the example of Asus RT-N12 +:
  • Please note that on the RT-N18U, this button is not marked at all.
  • Thus, the button on the old Asus RT-N13U is presented:
  • With this picture, for sure there will be no questions, everything is very clear here: they pressed the button and held it for 10 seconds. and, voila, tinctures are ready.

How to Restore Factory Settings using the Control Panel?

Reset Settings on Asus Router

To restore the settings clogged by the plant, there is a rather simple way. First, you need to go to the router configurations, how to do it, has already been written earlier: enter the settings on Asus routers ( Further, in the settings go to the tab Administration – Manage settings and click on the Restore button. To confirm the operations performed, we click on Ok. All it remains to wait until the recovery process parameters complete.

Follow Instruction to Login using 192.168.l.l

In addition, there is an excellent option for saving settings that can be restored from a file if necessary. But, all the details of these events will be described in another article. And now, I hope, this information will help you to reset your Asus device settings without any problems.

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