NVIDIA extends GeForce Now certification to Routers

The green giant has confirmed the extension of its GeForce Now certification program to routers , a move that NVIDIA has justified under a simple premise: making life easier for users when choosing the products that best suit their needs. concrete needs.

The GeForce Now certification applied to routers serves to differentiate the models that “get along” with the NVIDIA streaming platform, and not only in terms of support, but also in terms of advanced functions.

In this sense, the most important feature of this certification is the integration of a predefined QoS profile for GeForce Now in the routers that have received it. This means, in short, that the router is prepared to prioritize all traffic resulting from the NVIDIA streaming platform to ensure maximum performance.

NVIDIA Extends GeForce

When using a certified router, this profile is enabled automatically when we start playing with GeForce Now, although we can disable it at any time if necessary to prioritize other applications.

NVIDIA is working with such important companies as ASUS, D-Link , Netgear, Razer and TP-Link to shape a new catalog of GeForce Now certified routers, and also to launch updates that allow existing models to obtain such certification. .

This means that if you have a new generation router from those manufacturers and you use the NVIDIA platform, you should take a look at the available updates, since it is very likely that in the coming weeks you will have one available that enables a QoS profile for GeForce Now.

As the guys say Guru3D would be fun to see a popularity of Wi-Fi Mesh devices to “SLI Mesh” . Jokes aside, it is clear that although this movement is positive for users who use GeForce Now it is also a marketing strategy by NVIDIA, which is still looking for ways to extend its influence to other sectors within the technological world.

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