Five Things you can do to Improve WiFi Signal

A fast and solid connection does not have to be far from being a reality. It is not a secret that the internet has more and more presence in our lives and that being able to enjoy a good signal has become a necessity.

When hiring a WiFi service, the operator usually installs a router, or router (as it is known in English) with little cost and low capacity. It is important that at the time of the installation of the internet, ask the operator what the range is and how many devices can be connected at the same time.

Improve WiFi Signal of your Router

1. Strategic Location :

Request that they locate the network equipment in the place that best suits their needs and that the infrastructure of the site be taken into account to avoid signal blockages.

Put it on the top floor of the house, in case it has several levels. If the internet service is to be installed in an apartment, locate the router in the center, away from the walls and any obstacles.

Avoid that the router is inside a closet, or in a narrow corner. Locate it away from wooden or metal walls, because in these the signal usually bounces.

2. Avoid ‘Obstructing’ the Signal :

Keep in mind that placing objects such as books on top will overheat the equipment and hinder the signal.

It is recommended that the router be in an open space and at an average height so that the signal can be distributed more easily to other spaces.

3. Wireless Interference :

The router works best if it is away from other electronic equipment. Avoid placing it next to wireless devices such as baby monitors or cell phones.

Also keep in mind that if you locate the router near other network equipment, you can generate interference’s that affect the internet signal.

4. How many antennas should the router have?

If the space is large, the router requires signal extenders. It is recommended that the team have at least two or three antennas to have greater coverage and reach.

5. Choose a secure name and password

Avoid using common names or the number of your ID, phone number or any piece of information that is easy to know. It is advisable that both the network name and the WiFi password are difficult to guess so that other people can not access your network without your authorization or knowledge.

Combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols to create uncommon and complex words.

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