Honor Announces a Gaming Router to Manage Home Automation !!

The market of routers focused on games grows with the arrival of the Honor Pro 2. An incursion of a manufacturer that we especially know about their smartphones and that now comes offering an especially affordable device.

The Honor Pro 2 is a gaming router that hides inside a quad-core processor that achieves a maximum clock frequency of 1.4 GHz and all in an aspect that differs a lot from the lines offered by this type of device.

In fact, many may remember an Apple Time Capsule because of its white color and vertical shapes. It’s the only resemblance we’re going to find. The router launched by Honor integrates two antennas to offer a dual coverage, being able to operate in the band at 2.4 and in the 5 GHz, being able to reach a transfer rate of 1.1167 Mbps.

Regarding connectivity, it offers up to four Gigabit Ethernet ports in which to connect different devices for those occasions when we do not have a wireless connection nearby and a USB 3.0 port.

The security is reinforced since Honor has decided to integrate a firewall and a protection system against DDoS attacks. However, it is always advisable to follow a series of guidelines to try, as far as possible, to shield the Wi-Fi network at home.

It is a gaming router but it is also focused on the Internet of Things. It is at least what they announce in Honor because they announce that the Honor Pro 2 has a novel system that allows the user to create a Wi-Fi network prepared exclusively to manage the connected household devices. The idea is interesting but we do not know how it will be reflected in reality and what are the differences with a standard Wi-Fi network.

Price and availability
The Honor Pro 2 has been announced for now for China, a market where it reaches today for sale at a price of 350 yuan, which translates to about 45 euros. From his arrival in other countries, for now, there is no more news.

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