Simple Steps to Configure Linksys Router

When purchasing a particular router, choose a more popular brand. This will help in case of problems refer to, for example, the General Settings of Router, as well as other useful articles. For example, a Linksys router is often found on store shelves. In his favor is the choice of thousands, hundreds of thousands of buyers. If you are not helped by general information on entering the settings of, look for tips below. After all, we will consider the router of this brand, to be more precise, the E 1200.

User Manual to Access Router Admin with IP Address : Access the Router IP Address to Configure your Router

But we are talking about a specific router. The developer immediately provided several options for establishing the necessary changes. This can be done using the Linksys Connect program, which is located on the disk, and by opening the page in the browser. The first method is convenient due to the presence of very detailed steps that help the inexperienced “master” to cope with the task. However, not all devices, in particular laptops, are endowed with the function of reading information from disks. In some models, there is simply no factory drive. In this case, the second method will help, which is as easy as the previous one.

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How to Configure Linksys Router

The considered router, about which you can learn something new on its page, serves only as a model. And this means that all other products of this line (Linksys) will request exactly the same actions.

Login to Linksys E1200 control panel

Check the availability of power at the router. Connect it with a cable (which is included), you can use the wireless connection. How the devices are connected in a first way, look at the application, which is further.

The cord has a plug with a special shape, so plugging it into another connector simply won’t work. On the computer (laptop) there is also a hole designed for such a cable.

Wi-Fi connection to Enter Settings

How to Configure Linksys Router

In some cases, only a wireless connection is possible. For example, when you use a tablet, a smartphone, another gadget as a device. In the case of a laptop, by the way, this is also very convenient. It is not difficult, but if you still have questions, all the answers are written here. If you have a tablet, then the iPad manual for Wi-Fi will be appropriate in this case.

The configured router has its own login and password, which you should know. If the device is new, then there is a standard name. An example is shown in the image below.

In the latter case, such a network will not be password protected, so you can safely connect to it without entering any secret characters.

Many users are tormented by the question – how to enter the settings if you forgot the password from the router. The output is such – connecting via cable, further actions to change the password if it is from Wi-Fi. When it comes to accessing the settings, the solution is the following – resetting them and then creating a new combination.

Configuring Linksys E1200 router with Browser

A few words about Linksys. This router is characterized by the fact that its body does not contain any information, hints about the data. You can find only PIN. Manufacturers have taken this step so that in most cases the setting is carried out by means of a program on the disk. After all, no wonder they put it in the kit with the device.

However, there is a standard data set:

  • The port has the following number
  • Login and password are the same: admin, admin.

The browser window can be opened on any device, be it a computer, phone or tablet. Just in the line indicate

If such an action is performed for the first time, you will see a greeting as well as a suggestion to use the program (application, which is on the disk). You can agree. And you can “Continue to work with an open and unsecured network

After we agree with the properties of our network, the windows will pop out, in which you need to enter data. As mentioned earlier, this is admin and admin.

After you have completed all of these actions, you will see the control panel itself.

If you are not visiting this page for the first time, the window on the request of data crashes right away, after filling it opens access to the settings. Already in it, you put down all the necessary values, select the necessary parameters, configure these or other possibilities of the router, save. Restarting the router – and you can enjoy the changes made.

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