How to login to a router through Internet Explorer

A router is basically a splitter of an Ethernet cable. Routers are the most used to connect several computers to the Internet through the same connection. They can also be used to configure a local network, with or without an Internet connection. Each router comes with some basic software, called firmware, that controls the router’s

How to login and modify Netgear Router Configuration

In this Netgear router login guide, we show you how to log in to your router and the options you need to adjust to ensure you get the fastest and safest possible wireless Internet speeds.Maybe you bought your Netgear router, set it up and have had no reason to return to the router configuration or

MAC Filtering of a Router: Everything you Need to Know

Mac Filtering

Although many will find the term familiar, for many it is certain that it is a stranger. However, it is a function that is present in routers and that can help improve security. We are talking about MAC filtering. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to use it correctly

Points to Remember while Purchasing a New Router

Purchasing a New Router

Routers are among the underrated household appliances. The small electronics boxes do a lot for internet connection and home network. Routers sometimes have antennas and mostly flashing colorful LEDs. But under the plastic cover is the latest technology for Internet access and the home network. What do you have to pay attention to when Buying

You Should Disable this Router Feature

Disable this Router Feature

So-called dual-band routers are virtually standard today: Most models, even the cheaper ones, now use two frequency bands for WLAN. Frequency-what? Here it gets a bit more complicated now. Simply stated, WLAN is an energy field made up of high-frequency, electromagnetic waves that can send information – including data – from one transmitter (the router)