Recover Router Password

Wi-fi has long and firmly become part of the life of many urban residents. Quite a few people can no longer imagine visiting a public place, for example, a cafe, without the ability to connect to the Internet. Naturally, there is a desire to have wireless access to the network and at home. This is very convenient, but there is a chance to encounter a typical situation, which, one way or another, everyone faces, probably, a new device must be connected to the Internet, and sometimes you may forget the Password. Fortunately, this problem is solved. This article will guide you to Recover Router Password with some Easy Steps.

 How to Recover Router Password?

To undergo the Wi-fi password recovery process, you will need one computer that was previously connected to it.

  • Right-click on the icon with the connected Wi-Fi in the right, next to the clock, the lower corner of the monitor and select the “Network and Sharing Center” option from the appeared items.
  • In the window that appears, select “Wireless Management”.
  • When you see another window that appears, on the necessary connection, you need to click again with the right mouse button of your mouse and select “Properties” there.
  • Inside the “Security” tab in the column titled “Network Security Key,” you will find the hidden password. To see it, you need to put a tick in the column “Display the entered characters”, and it will immediately become visible to you.

If there is not a single computer already connected to the network, then you need to know the password using the router ip address itself.

  • Connect the router to your computer using the power cord that comes with it.
  • In any of the Browser Address bar, you must type (Default gateway to Login).
  • Next, you will need to fill in the columns with the login and password that allow access to the settings. With great probability, this is admin/admin.
  • Next, you need to go to the following tabs – Wireless (Wireless) and Wireless Security (Wireless Protection). In the column titled PSK Password: (PSK password 🙂 you will see your password. It may be listed in another column in the same section. If you have a router from Asus, then you will see the password immediately on the first page.

Standard Passwords for Routers

By default, in most cases, your login will be set to the username “admin” and a similar password “admin”. But in some models the situation is different. For example, in the D-Link DI-804 model, the password field will need to be left empty with the same login, and in the Zyxel Prestige 650 model, the password will be a set of numbers “1234”.

By the way, if the above passwords do not fit – then it has already changed to you, here is a list of Default Username and Password of Router, try them.

How to Reset Router Password to Standard / Factory Connection?

If you do not remember the login along with password from the router, try entering the factory ones. If they do not fit, you will have to do a reset. Make it very easy. On each router, you will find a small button, usually next to the power button, which you need to press something sharp (because it is very small) and hold for about 10 seconds.

After that, all logins / passwords / settings will be reset to factory defaults and you can use your router. But keep in mind that you have to re-make all the settings that were made earlier.