Why is Not Working?

Why is Not Working? Many might have faced this Issue. Do not count how many times I connected the routers. Nine cases out of ten – everything went smoothly. But sometimes it happened that after entering the address into the browser line it was impossible to enter the router. A form with a login and password was supposed to appear, but nothing like this happened. If you are faced with a similar phenomenon, now we will tell you the causes and how to solve it.

Why is Not Working?

The Essence of the Problem

Often users write me messages of the following type: “Why can not I go to the settings of the router” Instead of the router’s visual interface, the error “Page not found” is displayed.

Why is Not Opening

The reasons for this undesirable effect may be several. But we are interested in the solution. Therefore, I propose to proceed immediately to effective methods.

Check the IP Address of the Router

It is likely that you are trying to open the “admin” using incorrect data. Follow the instructions for network equipment and carefully look for the default address. Also, it can be seen on the back of the device:

If it matches the one that you entered in the browser, then go ahead.

No sticker? No instructions? Here are the standard values ​​for 99% of modern routers:

  • Address: 168.0.1 / login: admin / password: admin
  • Address: / login: admin / password: admin (or the second option is an empty password).

Setup via Ethernet

If you are trying to access the parameters of the router through a wireless connection with a Ethernet to laptop – this is not the best idea. Try to take a cable (crimped twisted pair) and connect one end to the PC network card, and the other to any free output of the router. Now you should check the network settings of the adapter so that the option “Receive IP automatically” is enabled. For this

  • In the notification area, right-click on the image of the screen and go to the “Control Center …”:
  • On the left, select the change of adapter parameters, and in the opened window, call the context menu of your network card and go to the properties.

You can go a shorter way. Call console “Run” from the key combination Win + R . We write the command:


and start with the Enter or OK

  • Mark the “IPv4” option with the cursor and click “Properties” below. And already inside the next window, we check that the receipt of the address takes place automatically:
  • Now you can re-enter the address in the browser and make sure that the error “page 192.168 1.1 does not work” has disappeared. You should see a form like the following:

But what if the first method did not work? We’ll have to give the article a couple more minutes.

Disable Proxy Server

If a proxy server is enabled in your Internet browser, this can cause a problem. It should “cut down” all turbo modes that are most often active in Yandex or Opera. Then you need to open the browser (browser) properties through the control panel and there on the “Connections” tab click on the “Network Settings” button. In the new window, uncheck the checkbox “Use proxy …”.

Check the Status of the Adapter

If it does not go into the settings of the router or, it is likely that your network card is disabled. In the window with the list of adapters, call the context menu of the desired device and select the “Enable” (Enable) option:

Patch Cord

Rarely, but it happens that even a new cable may be faulty. Or it is loosely inserted into the nest. It is best to take another connector and try to re-enter at or in the settings of the router.


There is a possibility that the router is faulty or a malfunction has occurred. We try to perform a reset, holding the button labeled Reset for 10-15 seconds, until the lights on the router blink (everyone goes out and then lights up).

Invalid input

Have you noticed that when trying to enter the browser in the string, it throws you to the search results? So you specified the address without the http: // protocol. Correctly so:

Still very often, people write commas instead of periods, which is also wrong:


I tried to talk about the most typical cases and errors. But maybe you know additional solutions? Share your experiences in the comments. I would be very grateful.