Steps to Change Router Password Quickly

Want to Change Router Password? Usually, the default login account name and password of the router are both same which is “Admin”, As long as the user under the router network can pass, Log in to the router management interface with this Default Username and Password. An administrator can modify this default Router Login credentials to Prevent users from misusing router Internet Access Parameters, Setting Speed limit, etc.

Change Router Password

  1.   First, Enter the Router Default IP Address in the browser which is (Different brands have different IP Address, Please see the nameplate on the Router), then press the Enter.
  2. A pop-up occurs asking you to Enter Username and Password which can be found on nameplate label of your Router.
  3. After successfully Entering the router management interface, To the left side, You can Find the “Wireless” option which has some more sub-options.
  4. Then go to “Wireless Security” option and Select “Wireless Password”.
  5. Erase your old Password and Enter the New Password in the dialogue box.
  6. Once after Entering New Password, Click on “Save” button which is at the Bottom without fail.
  7. Done, Now Your Router Password has been Updated Successfully.

Change Wifi Router Name

  1. If you Just want to Change Router Username which is nothing but your WiFi Name, then it’s pretty simple.
  2. Go to your Router Default IP Address which is 192.168.l.l and pop up box appears asking you to Username & Password
  3. Enter the Login Credentials and you will be logged into Web-Interface.
  4. There, You need to go to Wireless >> Wireless Settings.
  5. Once you Enter “Wireless Settings”, you can find “Wireless Network Name:” option which is WiFi Name.
  6. Delete old WiFi Name and Enter New Name.
  7. Once you enter the Details, Hit “Save” Button which is at the Bottom without fails.
  8. Done, Your Router Name is Changed Now!!

Hope We have solved your Issue to Change Router Password of your WiFi.